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Our DynaWave DW12 Hi-volt stimulator  features the original twin-peaked, hi-voltage,low-energy waveform which is popular world wide for pain relief, edema reduction, muscle re-education etc. Our DynaSound DS801 1MHz Ultrasound device contains several patented features including servo-control of power levels based on actual energy delivered and degree of patient coupling.
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DL811 DV301
Save money! Buy used equipment. Our sales department has most brands & models of refurbished  trade-in equipment (Medco, Burdick, Mettler, Richmar etc.).
Our DynaLator DL811 combination device contains both Hi-voltage and 1MHz Ultrasound modalities. Our DynaVac DV301 Vacuum Electrode System device is for use with DynaWave DW12 and DynaLator DL811.
Save even more money! Get your old equipment fixed. Our highly experienced service department provides parts and expert service for all brands. SmartSound
Note: Federal law restricts these devices to the use by or sale to (or on the order of) a physician or other practitioner in the state licensed in which said person practices. Our SmartSound combination device provides both Hi-voltage and  2.2 MHz Ultrasound modalities. This device is a favorite with Plastic Surgeons and Estheticians for post-operative skin care and treatment of aging skin. Our DynaSound DS401 microprocessor controlled Ultrasound device  is by far the easiest ultrasound to use, making it the favorite among Therapists in any clinic.

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